Welcome to Laois Injury Clinic,

The number One Physio Clinic in the Midlands. We were established 24 years ago to allow easy access to injury diagnosis and treatment within the heart of County Laois. As dedicated health Professionals we prioritise your wellness objectives.

Laois Injury Clinic was the first full-time Physical Therapy Clinic to open in County Laois offering professional treatment for a wide range of injuries. Our goal is to provide the highest possible standard of care in a professional yet friendly clinical environment.

Clinic Updates

Foot Pain


Our insoles are designed to allow your lower limbs to function more naturally and efficiently. This will result in decreased pain, allowing you to enjoy your activities of daily living and exercise more comfortably.




Services available at Laois Injury Clinic 

  •  Orthotic Prescription (Insoles)
  •  Dry Needling
  •  Laser,Ultrasound and Electrotherapy
  •  Strapping, Kinesio Taping and Dynamic Taping
  •  Orthotic Prescription (Insoles)
  •  Manual Therapy - Deep tissue massage
  •  Sports Related Injuries

The Clinic

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