Injury Prevention in Sport

Injury prevention ins sport  consists of multiple variables such as an adequate amount of sleep, giving the body appropriate recovery between training days, having a good balanced diet along with keeping the body hydrated, correct technique and recognizing an injury early and getting it taken care of.

However, the most important factor of injury prevention we feel, is strength training. The tissues of the body adapt with load therefore by strength training with appropriate load and technique,the body will become more durable and less at risk of injury.

Facts about strength training:

Muscles: The more load that we put on a muscle, the bigger they get.
Bones: Bones get tougher when they are under pressure. Resistance training has been proven
to reduce osteoarthritis in women.
Ligaments: Weightlifters have an anterior cruciate ligament twice as thick as the average
Tendons: Weight training increases tendon thickness.
Cartilage: Marathon runners are seen to have hip and knee cartilage thicker than the average
Intervertebral discs: Marathon runners have also been seen to have thicker intervertebral discs
than the average person.
To decrease the risk of injuring your body, you must load it progressively, not rest it.

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