Insoles for Diabetics.

We, at Laois Injury Clinic, dispense Orthotics (Custom made insoles) to patients with various biomechanical problems including patients with diabetes.For fourteen years we have been using a state of the art computerised foot scanning technology, called TOG GaitScan™System, to help us provide the best and most accurate treatment within the clinic. You can make your appointment here.

TOG GaitScan™ Computer Scanning System has been specifically engineered to assist with the assessment and diagnosis of foot biomechanics. It measures the distribution of force throughout the foot during each step, identifying high-pressure areas and gait abnormalities. It is equipped with enough sensors and speed to accurately record pressures exerted during the stance phase and while the patient is both walking and running. This information allows us to assess how patients’ limbs function during the clinical examination, but more importantly how they function while under the stresses incorporated during walking and running.

TOG GaitScan™System is an industry leading and technologically advanced gait analysis system at the cutting edge of clinical practice designed to keep us at the top of clinical assessment for lower limb problems and orthotic therapy.

Take my advice and share with your friends. I am a professional (registered) Physical Therapist with a special interest in Diabetic health issues and I regularly deal with patients with foot issues due to diabetes.  We are recognized by the Irish Health Insurance companies and we have flexible opening hours.


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