Laois Injury Clinic Services

Physiotherapy, Orthotics and Training for Life

Physiotherapy Services

Laois Injury Clinic covers a wide variety of health and wellbeing services. Our Chartered Physiotherapist, Eoghan Mealey, offers a comprehensive diagnosis and treatment pathway for musculoskeletal issues from office aches and pains to athletic injuries. We cater to the needs of patient populations of all ages, with Eoghan bringing his experience from public and private sector settings to the people of Laois.

Custom Orthotic  Insoles

Custom orthotics are prescribed insoles for all types of footwear. They are designed to treat bio-mechanical disorders of the feet. Left undiagnosed these disorders may have a negative impact on your knees, hips, back and neck, causing pain. Unlike ‘over the counter’ orthotics that have little or no medical benefit, we dispense ‘Custom Orthotics’ only. We specialise in adult’s and children’s Orthotics which are VHI,  Aviva and Quinn Direct approved

Strength and conditioning

Training for Life

Laois Injury Clinic are committed to using the very best methods to improving mobility and recovery time. Each client will undergo a mobility test to assess the areas which need strengthening.  We will then customise a specific strength and conditioning programme to suit you and your condition.

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